Defence Park


Unveiling the Defence Park Outdoor Exhibition Area – Your Premier Showcase for Aerospace Excellence!


Secure your outdoor space in the Defence Park, strategically located north of Exhibition Hall 3. This exclusive area offers a range of outdoor exhibition spaces, ranging from 200 sqm to 800 sqm, providing an unparalleled opportunity for companies to showcase their cutting-edge innovations and products.​

Key Features of Defence Park

Prime Location

Situated adjacent to Exhibition Hall 3, Defence Park ensures high visibility and foot traffic, making it a prime location for your outdoor exhibition.

Customizable Spaces

Tailor your presentation with outdoor spaces ranging from up to 800 sqm, allowing you to create an impactful and unique display that aligns with your brand.​

Showcase Innovations

Present your latest advancements, products, and technologies in an open-air environment, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for potential clients.​

Networking Opportunities

Benefit from the close proximity to other industry players, fostering networking and collaboration opportunities that extend beyond the exhibition space.​

Strategic Positioning

Position your brand as a leader in the aerospace and defense industry by securing a space in Defence Park, the go-to destination for groundbreaking displays.​

​Secure your spot today

Elevate your presence at ILA Berlin 2024 by securing your space in Defence Park. This outdoor exhibition area is a limited opportunity for companies to captivate the audience with outdoor displays in a prime location. Reserve your spot today and make a lasting impact on the aerospace landscape!​