Elevate Your Brand with ILA Berlin 2024 Partnership Opportunities! ​

Discover unparalleled possibilities with our recently unveiled Partnership Brochure, curated exclusively for pioneers in the aerospace industry. ILA Berlin 2024 presents a groundbreaking approach to partnerships, offering an array of innovative, interactive, and on-site visibility options that redefine brand engagement.​


Why Combine Exhibition Space with Interactive Partnerships?

ILA Berlin isn't just a showcase; it's an immersive experience. Elevate your on-site visibility by seamlessly integrating exhibition space with interactive partnerships. Engage directly with your target audience through exclusive experiences, panel discussions, and interactive sessions. The synergy between exhibition space and partnerships ensures you reach the right stakeholders and decision-makers, making your presence truly impactful.​


What's Inside the ILA Berlin 2024 Partnership Brochure?

  • Interactive Marketing Options: From exclusive panel discussions to immersive experiences, explore avenues to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.​
  • On-site Visibility: Choose from a wide array of on-site branding options that put your brand in the spotlight, maximizing exposure among industry experts and enthusiasts.​
  • Structured Partnership Levels: Progress through distinct partnership levels, unlocking enhanced benefits at each stage. Achieve your goals with strategic investments tailored to your brand's needs.​


Your journey to aerospace excellence starts with ILA Berlin 2024. Explore the Partnership Brochure today and chart a course for unparalleled success!​​

Partnership Highlights​

Unlock exclusive opportunities to showcase your company's innovations, engage with industry leaders, and make a lasting impact on a global stage. Our tailored Partnership Sessions provide a dedicated platform for you to connect directly with your target audience, share insights, and forge strategic alliances. Topic aligned with the overall program. ​

Elevate Your Brand at ILA Berlin 2024 with an Exclusive Evening Event Partnership! Make a lasting impression on the aerospace industry by becoming the official sponsor of our premier evening event. As the Evening Event Partner, you'll enjoy unparalleled visibility and networking opportunities in a sophisticated setting. ​

Gain recognition as a promoter of young professionals and talents by becoming the primary partner​ of our Talent Hub and Talent Initiative on-site. Position your company as a leader in recruiting​ new talents and igniting their passion for aerospace.​

Take advantage of the excellent weather at ILA Berlin by offering complimentary water stations.​

These stations will be frequented by nearly all attendees of the show and can be strategically​ placed in exclusive locations.​

Choose from various location options on B2B days only. This package includes the provision of​ 10,000 drinks per day, a badge scanner to let the visitors to be scanned (incl. provision of​ attendees data) and the option to provide your own coffee cups (to be produced by the sponsor).​